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GitHub workflows are configurable, automated processes that can run at various points during the development process. For example, a workflow can run when a pull request is created or updated to perform various code quality checks before allowing the changes to be merged.

Very Good Workflows is a collection of workflows that we use at VGV to run automated checks in our CI pipelines. While built by VGV to be used internally, they can be used by anyone.

Quick Start 🚀

To get started, add Very Good Workflows to an existing GitHub workflow:

# A reusable workflow for Dart packages
uses: VeryGoodOpenSource/very_good_workflows/.github/workflows/dart_package.yml@v1

# A reusable workflow for Flutter packages
uses: VeryGoodOpenSource/very_good_workflows/.github/workflows/flutter_package.yml@v1

# A reusable workflow for ensuring commits are semantic
uses: VeryGoodOpenSource/very_good_workflows/.github/workflows/semantic_pull_request.yml@v1

# A reusable workflow for verifying package scores on
uses: VeryGoodOpenSource/very_good_workflows/.github/workflows/pana.yml@v1

# A reusable workflow for running a spell check
uses: VeryGoodOpenSource/very_good_workflows/.github/workflows/spell_check.yml@v1

# A reusable workflow for publishing Flutter packages
uses: VeryGoodOpenSource/very_good_workflows/.github/workflows/flutter_pub_publish.yml@v1

# A reusable workflow for publishing Dart packages
uses: VeryGoodOpenSource/very_good_workflows/.github/workflows/dart_pub_publish.yml@v1

# A reusable workflow for publishing Mason bricks
uses: VeryGoodOpenSource/very_good_workflows/.github/workflows/mason_publish.yml@v1